Wednesday, November 28, 2018


A LEAD MAGNET ( OPT-IN, OPT-IN INCENTIVE, FREEBIE ) is a free resource given out to your potential subscribers which is of great value in exchange for their email addresses.

In this tutorial we are going to be discussing 15 powerful lead magnet ideas:-

1 CHECK LIST:- A check list when you give out guide on how to carry out a particular task from start to finish, that is given step by step guide how to start a particular task and finish it successfully.

For example:- giving step by step guide on how to start a face book advertisement campaign from start to finish successfully

eBook :- one of the way to capture leads is to create an eBook which your prospective subscribers can opt-in in other for they to download the eBook, the eBook must not be too long or have large volume, but it must contain great value. Due to much information in the internet, you should take extra  care to provide a power-pack eBook that has much more usable and specific information than they can find online.

3 CHEAT SHEET :-it is a one page PDF file that will enable a prospective subscribers to burn through a particular process in a quick way, that is, it is a PDF file that will solve a particular issue that people are facing in a quick way or process.

For example, if to built a website will contain 10 pages write-up, you now  give  a quick way of building it,which will contain just a page in PDF file format 
this process will motivate your prospective subscribers to sign-up for your email list in other to get the PDF file.

4 RESOURCE LIST :- It is a process whereby you list some basic things that will make solve some basic problem in your niche.

For example, listing some important equipment's that will solve the audio problem in a laptop window 7 when recording a video.

5 QUICK START GUIDE:- This is a process whereby you offer a quick guide on how some certain thing should be done, that is teaching your prospective subscribers on how to use a particular thing in a quick way in other to achieve quick result when using that particular thing.

For example, when a photographer teaches a quick start guide on how to use a particular camera which will not waste the time of your subscriber when using that particular kind of camera.

6 VIDEO FAQ :- A video that answer the most asked question by the visitors of your website/blog, that is, any time a particular question is asked, you now provide answer to it in a video form and give they access to the video through their email addresses.

INFO-GRAPHIC :- some audience or prospective subscribers love easy to read info-graphic chart and numbers that they can easily understand, that is, any thing that is too complicated to understand should be converted into chart and numbers for proper understanding by your prospective subscribers.

8 MINI COURSE :- It is a short training course to help solve a particular problem which the prospective subscribers would have paid for, you now offer it for free in exchange for their email addresses.

9 EMAIL COURSE :- this is where you teach your prospective subscriber a particular course via email after they have sign-up for your email list, in the email tutorial you give them series of a particular course on a pre-planned date and time. 

For example, email course on how to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

10 SAMPLE CHAPTER :- It is a process whereby you have a book that you want to publish, you can give out a particular chapter for free to your prospective subscriber in exchange for their email addresses

11 COURSE SAMPLE :- If you have an online course , you can take a particular module or your favourite module, you give out this module for free in exchange  for the email addresses of your prospective subscribers. This is a great way of letting the prospective subscriber know how well you can teach.

12 TRANSCRIPTION:- This is the process whereby you convert your podcast or video into a PDF file for your prospective subscriber to read, most people don't like listing to recorded  podcast but to read it on a PDF format, so people that reading  will sign-up to your email list to get the PDF file.

13 AUDIO BONUS :- you may have a lot of written contents in your blog , audio bonus is   the process where you  turn some of these contents into an mp 3 Audio which people can download in exchange for their email addresses

14 LIVE TRAINING :- If you have a live training that want to take place, you can allow people to access the training in exchange for their email addresses

15 RECORDED TRAINING:- you can allow people gain access into your recorded training after opting-in for your email list, a recorded training that was impactful and valuable can attract a lot of email addresses from your prospective subscribers

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